Sunday, March 9, 2008

JMX Annotations in Spring

Wow. Over a month without writing anything to this blog. Seems that the days over christmas blocked a lot of time as well as other things that happened around that time. But now i am back with something to share. I really like the new JMX annotations Spring recognizes. In a new project i have to write a small server that should be managed via JMX and i really like springs way of handling it with annotations. In Principle its the same as the transaction annotation. You simple tell spring via:

<bean id=”attributeSource”


and a few lines more spring config that you want to export all annotated beans as Mbeans.

Its really interessting to see that more and more of the features around classes like webservices, transactions and now jmx are annotation based. This makes the code much more readable in my oppinion. When i have some more time, i will also convert to define the spring config itself via annotations, but that will be quite a lot of work.

Apart from that, i will leaving for ski vacation in 2 days. Yipeee. I am really looking forward to be 4 days in Austria at the Zillertal valley. With one skipass you can ride more than 600 km trails. Check this if you want to see more. Boy, i like skiing.

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