Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spring and Lingo = Easy JMS

With Lingo from codeHaus, Spring remoting can be extended to support JMS.
Here’s a great article on Saniv Jivan’s blog that shows some of its capabilities (synchronous calls over JMS and asynchronous callbacks)

One feature really seducing is asynchronous callbacks over JMS
with POJOS (without a single line of JMS code).
The Lingo site does not provide much documentation on it
so thanks for the author of this nice article.

We applied this technique for our build system to distribute load
on different machines to speed up the process (we only have mono pro
build machines) and gets informed when tasks are done via callbacks.
We used Spring 2.0M4 and ActiveMQ 3.2.2 in standalone mode.

Note that I had troubles to make it run with Websphere MQ 5.3
First, recent MQ JMS 1.1 compliant Jars must be used and
a misinterpretation of the JMS specs by Websphere seems to break
the Lingo Spring JMS service exporter see

which is for JMS templates but can also be applied to lingo.

Here’s the diff of org.logicblaze.lingo.jms.JmsServiceExporter between unpatched and patched version for Websphere MQ:

diff -aur lingo-1.1/src/java/org/logicblaze/lingo/jms/ li
--- lingo-1.1/src/java/org/logicblaze/lingo/jms/ 2006-06-
13 13:45:12.716722400 +0200
+++ lingo-1.1-patch/src/java/org/logicblaze/lingo/jms/JmsServiceExporter.java200
6-06-13 13:44:49.899847100 +0200
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@   }
else {
-            return session.createConsumer(destination, messageSelector, noLocal
+            return session.createConsumer(destination, messageSelector);

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